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The Google search results (the "SERPS") bring suppliers together with demand. This makes this piece of real estate an important part of a online business, either as PPC/Ads or for organic rankings. But Google is wired to show the search results specific to your environment, so if you want to spot check how the search results look for clients in a neighbouring city or country, you are out of luck.

How to I get local search results?

Luckily this is recognized by Google, they offer an ad preview tool to preview ads and search results. Here you can input a location, language and device and preview the search results. Unfortunately they remove the option to actually interact with the SERP, don't show competing ads and don't allow you to analyis them.

Then there are the offerings by large SEO tools like Semrush and ahrefs, they allow you to track certain keywords and see who ranks, which is great for certain cases, but sometimes you want do actually access the experience your users have, compare search snippets, and interact with elements like the FAQ.

For these cases there are visual SERP checkers, like SEOBrowse, who offer advanced tooling around the SERP to deep dive into the SERP.

What is the best Google SERP Checker?

To find the best solution for checking the Google SERP depends on your case. The options available are automated tools, API access, visual checkers and Google's preview tool. Based on your case I've outlined the best solutions for you:

SERP CaseBest solution
Keyword trackingUse an automated tool or SERP API
SERP opportunitiesA visual checker
Ad previewGoogle's AdPreview tool
International SEOA visual checker or automated tool
Identify SERP intentA visual checker or automated tool
Spot checksA visual checker or Google Adpreview tool

Each tool provides you data on the SERP for a specific location, device and keyword.

To decide on what you need, I've outlined each market leader per solution type below. Most of them offer trials, and I advise you to spend time with at least two of them and see how they compare for you case. E.g. some come with many additions features like backlinks audits, while others shine in their core competency.

  1. Automated tools · Semrush, Ahrefs
  2. Visual checker · SEOBrowse, MobileMoxy
  3. SERP API · OxyLabs, SerpWOW, SERP API, Unamo

How does visual SERP checking work?

Below I've recorded a video on how to do SERP checks for any city in any country. This is mostly relevant for clients with an international or local presence.


Search professionals are lucky that there is soo much tooling around doing their job. The downside is that it is hard to decide what you need, and when. My advice is to onboard a specific tool into your processes for automated keyword tracking, browse the search results with a visual tool, and potentially scale your reporting efforts with a SERP API product.

Posted by Yvo Schaap on 17 september 2020

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