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Unamo offers several tools for search professionals. From keyword tracking to local SERP screenshotting. This article reviews Unamo's SERP Screenshotting and compares it with SEOBrowse.

SERP Screenshots

Unamo offers automated screenshots of the SERPs, and a way to interact with them. You can schedule screenshots, and they can be stored up to 180 days.

The interface looks nice and well designed. The screenshots are part of a larger SEO suite where the focus on is on tracking keywords. This guide shows a competitive analysis using Unamo.

Pricing for the screenshotting is not listed on their website. Also there is no trial. For more details see their product page.

Unamo vs SEOBrowse

Unamo is a cloud solution which allows you to access your screenshots from any device. Unlike SEOBrowse, the SERP envirionment is a proxy of the Google results. So interaction is very limited.

It is not clear how they guarantee true local SERP results. Also you can't browse the landing page to test if that redirects to the right localized version.


SERP Screenshots by Unamo are a good fit if you are looking for a rank checker that also has SERP screenshots. This allows you to go back and see historic SERPs for your keywords. But there is limited interaction or audit tools to expose issues, which makes it less useful for in-depth client analysis.

SEOBrowse gives you a real browser envirionment, and allows you to dive deeper into local and technical SEO issues.

So if you are looking for a SEO suite, and are ready to spend over $100/month to also have SERP screenshots go with Unamo, else choose SEOBrowse which offers a better solution for more in-depth SEO SERP analysis.

Posted by Yvo Schaap on 19 may 2020

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