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MobileMoxie offers two cloud based tools for search professionals: SERPerator and Page-oscope. Both allow you to emulate a mobile device.


MobileMoxie's SERPerator gives you a scrollable screenshot of the search results for a specific location in the world. You can choose various settings like SERP language and device type.

The SERP results for a keyword look spot-on for that location. Unfortunately the interface a bit dated, and not very responsive if you need to check many local search results. Check this walk-through for an example query. Also a key feature missing is a way to browse the search results for a desktop device. The interaction with the SERP is very limited to proxied clicks (e.g. expand a FAQ result).

MobileMoxie starts at $29 a month for one seat with unlimited keyword testing.

MobileMoxie vs SEOBrowse

MobileMoxie is a cloud based tool, which allows you to access the SERPs from any device. MobileMoxie is useful for specific use-cases where you just need a single spot check. But it is easy to get frustrated when you have more then a handful of keywords to check.

SEOBrowse is a new comer and offers a real browser build around performing local SEO analysis. This allows you to not only control specific local SERP settings, but also live access the SERP in a true browser envirionment for any location in the world. The productivity gains with SEOBrowse vs MobileMoxie is as night and day.


MobileMoxie was founded when mobile usage was booming and there was limited tooling to see the local mobile search results. But tools and technology has progressed, but MobileMoxie stayed more or less the same.

SEOBrowse brings this innovation by offering a real browser envirionment, global VPN network, and international SERP reporting tools. As a newcomer it is less well known in the SEO industry compared to MobileMoxie. So if you are looking for a local SERP tool, try SEOBrowse if you only have one-off checks MobileMoxie offers free single lookups.

Posted by Yvo Schaap on 17 may 2020

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