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Oxylabs SERP API

Oxylabs offers a Real-Time SERP API which gives you the search results scraped and parsed in a computer readable format. This allows you to build your own keyword tracker. This article reviews Oxylabs SERP scraping solution and compares it with SEOBrowse.

SERP Scraping

Oxylabs is a global VPN network provider. This allows them to scrape the web from any location in the world. On top they have built an API for developers to query. One API to make available is specific to the Google search results.

The data is very reliable, and easy to use as backend to a custom built solution to track search keywords. They support almost every local Google SERP and language combination. They don't offer a interface or dashboard to utilize. You can only output data, and not also get screenshots.

You can try a few keyword queries on their website. You can not sign-up, but have to do a sales call. Pricing is per API call, and is not public.

Oxylabs vs SEOBrowse

Oxylabs and SEOBrowse both have a global VPN solution. Where SEOBrowse is built for search professionals as a productivity tool, Oxylabs's solution allows developers to build advanced custom keyword tracking systems.

Oxylabs is a cloud solution where you pay per API call, while SEOBrowse is a local app that gives you local SERP results and scraping on your own device. This allows search professionals to export the SERP they see directly into for example Excel.


Oxylabs has a great solution if you are looking to built a custom keyword tracking tool. They parse the any local search results into nested data fields which will safe developers lots of time if they have to built their own SERP scraping solution.

SEOBrowse doesn't ask for any technical development knowledge and has much more extra features to help you with SERP auditing, like screenshotting.

So if you are looking to built a custom SERP scraping solution sign-up with Oxylabs, but if you are more interested in local SERPs you can then export to Excel try out SEOBrowse.

Posted by Yvo Schaap on 17 may 2020

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