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Browse the Google search results for any location in the world

True local SEO at your fingertips with SEOBrowse

Google search for local SEO

SEOBrowse allows you to browse the Google search results as they appear for any location in the world. This will help you track (local) keyword rankings, expose visual clues hurting your search performance and research competitive opportunities.

Quickly toggle different local results, mobile and desktop and different search engines. SEOBrowse is the tool of choice for SEO professionals spending their time in Google search.

With SEOBrowse you conduct keyword research on SERP results that you can trust in our custom Chrome-based browser. Every search query is tunneled through a proxy, providing you a clean unpersonalized SERP to research, track, report as the foundation to improve your website presence in the search engines.


  • A custom Chrome-based browser with build-in (multi-country) VPN.
  • Build to show true local Google search results.
  • Quick visual reporting, annotating and sharing.
  • Also works with Bing, DuckDuckGo, Youtube, Yandex, Amazon and more...
  • Download for Windows or Mac.

Our tool also works great for PPC ad review, technical SEO, content teams and compliance departments. See an overview of all SEOBrowse's features or download now to start a free 14-day trial.

The best tool of choice for local SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SEOBrowse?

    SEOBrowse is a software tool available for MacOS and Windows. At its core SEOBrowse has a Chrome-based browser, with a custom user interface that allows your to control your search session (device, location) and adds specialized tools to conduct professional keyword rankings research and reporting. See all features and common use-cases.

  • Can I try SEOBrowse for free?

    To use SEOBrowse you need an active subscription plan. Every plan comes with a custom international VPN endpoint. Luckily each plan comes with a free 14-day trial. In that period you can try SEOBrowse for free, but you need to provide valid creditcard information. You can subscribe here.

  • How does SEOBrowse work?

    SEOBrowse is a Chrome-based browser with a custom user interface giving access to advanced keyword results tools. Every search query goes through a country-specific VPN without any existing browser session information. This allows you to see clean and trustworthy search results.

  • Can I trust your software?

    SEOBrowse is a premium professional software product, and you can expect it to behave as a premium quality product.

    SEOBrowse is free from any malware or virus. It does not install anything else, except for the SEOBrowse software as described on our website. It does not register into touch points in your operating system. And it is easy to completely remove/uninstall.

    For new software like this, it is a trust based system when you install it on your device. There might be a notice that this software came from an internet location, and you are asked to trust it.

    For trust you can look me up here or and decide yourself if you trust me enough or not.

    If you are really worried, install software within a virtual machine on your device. In general always make sure you have a malware or virus scanner when downloading and installing software.

  • Why do I need a subscription?

    Each search query goes through a (local) VPN to create a clean and trustworthy search session. The VPN infrastructure is a costly operation, for which the subscription model covers its costs. Also to provide continuous updates to the software, we use the subscription revenue to continue adding new tools and be a healthy business overall.

  • Who created SEOBrowse?

    SEOBrowse is created by Yvo Schaap, a CTO/Entrepreneur/SEO consultant and advisor who offers premium international SEO services. Read more.

  • How can I get in touch?

    Email us at for support, questions or any other request.

  • What restrictions are on the VPN access?

    We don't allow streaming of audio or video. We have capped the download bandwidth at 250 mb/month. We monitor any unusually behaviour that could abuse our services, or that of any party on the web. See our Terms of Service.